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Plastic Straw City

The final project we are to acquire 100+ of one of the listed found items to create a sculptural or performance. We may use one additional connective material to help in the creative process. Any additional will cause points deduction of the grade. We must think how we will use skills from previous assignments to help us with using the chosen material to complete this project.

For this project I chose to interpret one of my covers from my annual zine that I produce in 3D but using only one chosen material a straw. I consider the straw to best represent my style of drawing because I like to manipulate the edges just like a bendable straw produces.  I will create an alien city space in full 3D like I could never do on paper. This will be the first time I produced one of my creations in 3D.

I first wanted to laser cut wood to achieve the layers but after thinking I thought using straws and combining the two projects would achieve a better result. I looked up the different ways to combine straws together without a connection compound. This took several attempts to work out but I liked the results that I had with using straws.

I measured an equal distance to help make the straws more stable. Cutting the straws was hard to keep strait with a middle cut but worked my best. By pinching one side of the straw allowed for a soiled bond without using any glue that just work so well. One thing that was a challenge was the straws I bought were different sizes in length of just a little but I overcame buy the contact light I chose each time.

I like the use of lines in my art work. Making shapes is a base for my style that I like to use. When working on this it almost felt like I was drawing and trying to connect the lines by sight. I used a contained structure in the middle of the project to help keep the whole project steady. I knew for transportation this was going to have to be the most soiled part of the project. This project felt more like something I would draw/make more of my own idea can be seen. (ART 2400 3-Dimensional Art)

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