THE POWER OF COSPLAY! – Akron Comicon 2016

THE POWER OF COSPLAY! – Akron Comicon 2016


Rubber City Cosplay –

Ryan M Dyke  –

Far Far Away Cosplay –

Ashen Wolf Cosplay –

Sapphire Zebra –

The journey of cosplay has to start somewhere, and it’s different for everyone. Whether it’s being inspired by a friend, seeing a cool costume in a movie, or just dressing up for Halloween. With cosplay, you have to make the costume so you like it, and you are comfortable with it. You don’t want to compare yourself to others, but rather look to others for inspiration. If you feel excited and are happy with what you end up with, then that is a successful cosplay! In this panel, you’ll hear from you the cosplayers of Rubber City Cosplay, Sapphire Zebra, Ashen Wolf Cosplay, and Far Far Away Cosplay, and their personal stories on how the power of cosplay has influenced their lives, and they’ll share how far they’ve come with their costumes. And, always remember, cosplay is for all!

Recorded at Akron Comicon –


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