2017 SPACE Prize Presentation

2017 SPACE Prize Winners!

Graphic Novel Category Sponsored by Sean Kleefeld

1st Place Black of Heart Narrier Chris Charlton-Writer David Hollenbach-Artist https://www.narrier.com

2nd Place Tie The Doghead: Book One Project Sleeve, LLC Isaac Keppler https://www.projectsleeve.com

2nd Tie Vagabond Comics Issue 5: The Ick Vagabond Comics Sequoia Bostick, Amalia DeGirolamo-Editors https://vagabondcomics.tumblr.com

General Category Sponsored by Laughing Ogre

1st Place Refugee Road Prince Delight Stu Rase, Tara Rase-Writers Will Jones-Artist https://www.Princedelight.com

2nd Place Fat Girl Love Club Vol. 1 Gabby Metzler @gabbymetz (Instagram)

3rd Place Radio Ga Ga Old School Comics Chad Lambert Writer f/possumatlarge

Minicomic / Short Story Category Sponsored by Fred & Rebecca Damsen

1st Place Brain Weather Anxious Ink LLC Alexis Cooke https://www.tumblr.alexiscooke

2nd Place The Seminal Importance of Sperm Ruminera Comix Canada Keck

3rd Place Far Tune #3 & 4 Terry Eisele- Writer Brent Bowman- Artist https://www.terryeisele.com

Honorable Mention-VSA Ohio Artist Trina & Aphra’s Amazing Adventures Elements of Art Dan Luster

SPACE Prize Junior Category

Daughter of Brothers & Daughters Silber Brian John Mitchell & JM Hunter-Writers Aubrey Hunter-Artist

The Electric Team Food Adventure Abigail Connor http://www.electricteamcomic.com

The Mule Man Collection Max Wolf & Amelia Sealy https://www.funnytreehouse.com

Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo – http://backporchcomics.com/space.htm

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