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Falling Test Run

In the studio tonight with a test run of Falling from Analog part 2 (with audio from Mars)

I have been working on a continuation of VHS Distortion with a two part new glitched video. This video was created with small video edited together for an analog to digital experience to takes the viewer to the future.

This will be the last segment in my new full 10 minute video Falling From Analog that I plan on summiting to more experimental media festivals soon.

My goal is to have this completed my end of November.

Over view of this test:

I found a few spots that dragged a little will cut or shorten to allow a smother flow.

Still need to finish the digital ending.

Audio is only one layer. I found the sound clips that I used with VHS Distortion and will incorporate some of them into this part. I have planes to recorded some new sounds that I have wanted to create for this project.

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