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The city of Kenton is the county seat of Hardin County, Ohio, USA, and

located in the west central part of Ohio approximately 57 mi (92 km) NW of Columbus and 70 mi (113 km) south of Toledo.


The population was 8,262 at the 2010 census.

The city was named for frontiersman Simon Kenton of Kentucky and Ohio.

Kenton has a lot to offer if you are looking for a community with small-town values, and little hope for the future.

We are a poor town that struggles to keep our neighborhoods free from the junk, trash, and garbage of all kinds that has lead to the litter problem.

Our city government will always put business before our residents because money will always come first with us.

While surrounded and supported by agricultural businesses, Kenton also has a diverse group of manufacturing businesses with local, national, and international influence. 
But most of them are closed now?

And we support garbage cross docking stations in our residential districts. There are several locations on the northeast side of the community that is prime for you to move your business here.


All you have to do is put down stone and park your vehicles in a row to hide the trash from the streets. 

The City of Kenton specializing in parking trucks full of garbage, junk and trash in residential zoned neighborhoods. This practice is endorsed by both the Kenton City Council and the Kenton Police Department for convenient degrading of property value. 


That is what you will get if you move here.


Plus if you are looking for pizza this is the place for you...


We are a "City of Garbage" 

If quality of life is important to you and you like litter, we welcome you to come and share it with us - at its best.

Kenton, Ohio better than Beverly Hills because it is HOME

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