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Fractured Memories

My proposal for this installation:


Fractured Memories

For this installation, I am conveying how I remember the world around me as fractured memories. The material I use to express this is outdated VHS technology about to meet its end. I use no sound as a way to offer an experience that mimics the auditory processing disorder that hinders me from remembering events from my past. This incomplete memory keeps me from wholly recalling my prior reality. So I invite you to share what I have seen from my past, in hopes that you may remember for me.


The interactive installation will be using old VHS style equipment to create a multiple visual-only experience of glitched memories.


(8) TVs ( 2 - 16" x 26" x 18") (3 - 11" x 12" x 12") (3 - 18" x 20" x 12")

(1) Case with switching equipment (18" x 19" x 13")

(8) Digital playback players

(4) VCRs

Power strips for need of 24 outlets

1 Table (30" x 39" x 20")

Video Tapes (as needed)

Cabling to connect TV/VCR/players/switcher (as needed)


Required space for installation:

9' x 9' x 10' square space


Equipment required completing the installation:

Platforms or pedestals for TVs (varying heights)

Fractured Memories.jpg

First setup

My Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Projects Exhibition at The Ohio State University that was never set up for an audience to experience in person due to COVID closing of the show.

This is my video documentation for my OSU BFA installation that is a representation of my memories. I was forced to set this work up in my home because of the Covid-19 pandemic so it was scaled back to fit.

Second setup

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