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The Conquest of the Moon

This is a different version of my video project for Film/Video Class using found footage with both sides presented at the same time for class critique. My original concept was to have both films play on opposite walls at the same time.

  Post-production is where the true magic of video editing happens. In this project, I incorporate commercials and pop culture videos from the 1970s into the story of the Apollo 16 moon landing on one video and used the original footage with that sound on the other video.

  I originally wanted to edit the footage of the moon landing into a feature with my cousin’s music as a soundtrack. This would be similar to the way Bruce Conner’s Crossroads incorporated the Atomic Bomb footage into a short film in the 1970s.

  I had already started to get some commercials that are tied to the moon landing and came up with the idea that I could use the sound from them for the project. I even went to the pop culture of the time for the material to use from TV (Six Million Dollar Man, UFO, and Space 1999) and movies (2001 a Space Odyssey, Diamonds are Forever, and Escape from the Planet of the Apes) that provided a tie into the moon landing hype. During the process of getting the sound, I arranged the video into order on a timeline and just started to edit them into a separate movie. Now I had two different videos with the same audio. Then I came up with the idea they would be shown at the same similar as Teresa Hubbard’s film Flora. I tried to think of ways to have them play at the same time in our classroom but I needed another location to make this work. Hope I can set this up the way I intended to in the near future.

This project brought back so many memories of my childhood in the early 1970s. (ART 3009 - Film/Video 1)

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