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     My video art is a reflection to a time gone by as a representation of moving images from the past as well as the present. They are modified digitally with bright colors and techno sounds giving new life to the VHS format look. Often times my projects are explorations of new media while utilizing technologies from an analog era creating new works for the upcoming generation to experience.

     I look to find video distortion in old recordings that I have archived from my time working in local access programming to use with what I create. These copies are augmented to form abstraction video creations with the use of modern editing software and displayed several ways. These may be exhibited as standalone videos on monitors for viewing or incorporated into sculpture like installations of multiple old TVs. I have also created some displays that have resemblance to extended cinema using video recorded on VHS and displayed by projectors on wall giving a different look with video glitches only fond from this old style of playback.

     I have always been inspired by found footage, using these recordings that I edit together to tell new narratives. One example of this is a project that I re-purposed Apollo 16 footage together in one video paired with another video featuring commercials and pop culture from the 1970s that uses one audio timed for both videos. This will be displayed at the same time to create an immersive viewing experience.

     My work also can have social implications like the prevention of litter to help save our world from our selves by showing our littered environment. A call to action that inspires while commenting on human nature and allowing the viewer a moment of self-reflection with a need to change their ways.

     In a world of digital content bombarding us all the time I look to make art that appreciates the origin of video from its analog beginnings allowing my art to stand beside the new media of today and teaching a new generation to appreciate this style of video re-imaged for a modern audience.

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