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            My video art reflects a time gone by as a representation of moving images from the past as well as the present. They are modified digitally with bright colors and techno sounds giving new life to the VHS format look. I have studied the installations of Nam June Paik gaining an appreciation of his creative usage of televisions. Plus, the fact I have used some of this type of equipment during my time producing local access TV on a shoestring budget has given me the knowledge to create my setups to present my video art. My projects are explorations of new media while utilizing technologies from an analog era creating new works for the upcoming generation to experience.


            I have taken the new digital times to heart, creating works that utilize the ever-advancing tools allowing me to make my dreams a reality for all to see. I have used different video editing tools over the years to create my evolving style and bring to life my visions presented using digital players to show my art as moving images viewed on old TVs or modern screens. These multi-viewing projects can surround and immerse the viewer in my presentations.


           In a world of digital content bombarding us all the time I look to make art that appreciates the origin of video from its analog beginnings allowing my art to stand beside the new media of today and teaching a new generation to appreciate this style of video re-imaged for a modern audience. The next step seems to be expanding into vertical reality environments that can give full 3D experience to my future projects that I have started to learn is working.


            My ideas show how I interpret the beginnings of life from cosmic origins and the implications of the very fabric of reality. Life has to have a start from microscopic worlds to interstellar homes that show how we fit into the universe around us. My work also can have social implications like the prevention of litter to help save our world from ourselves by showing our littered environment. A call to action that inspires while commenting on human nature and allowing the viewer a moment of self-reflection with a need for change.

           Besides video, I can go back to the basics with the use of paint on canvas to bring life to my ideas, allowing me to express myself more physically. I use this medium to help keep me grounded in a more practical old-school way of expression. Also, my current job in digital production at a local newspaper allows me to use photography to capture moments in time at sporting and local events that help the readers' experience. Photography is another creative tool that I have been using most of my life and even longer than video to document the world around me.

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